How Much do Timeshare Sales Reps Earn?

A timeshare sales representative in Mexico stands to earn a pretty good wage, particularly in comparison to other jobs, not to mention the relative luxuries you can enjoy in Mexico in comparison to other more expensive countries. Given the benefits of low-cost living and the opportunity to live in a fabulous beach setting, it surely is a dream job set in an exotic paradise.

Paid According to Performance

You might not get a basic salary, but hopes are high for getting a lucrative paycheck because you’ll be paid on how you perform.  Compensation comes via commissions computed on closed sales with bonuses that come more often than you might expect.  However, if you are planning to settle in Mexico and will work as a timeshare sales representative, it’s important to have funds to sustain yourself for the first 2 to 3 months.  Hold your horses when it comes to spending, and wait till you have started receiving the fruits of your labor.

No Limits on How Much Timeshare Sales Reps Earn

All it takes is a dynamic personality coupled with a lot of confidence and the passion to succeed, and you’re on your way to hitting it big time.  Generous monetary awards await every competent timeshare sales professional.  You can expect an income that ranges to about $50,000 to $120,000 USD or more per year with minimal income taxes.  If you’re making 10% of every sales deal assigned to you, you’re in good hands.  Timeshare companies expect you to make a sale at least once every week, and by all standards, it’s not hard to accomplish.

Is one sale per week reachable?

For every 10 clients, an average sales rep is expected to make 1-3 sales, while those skilled enough can close about 3 to 5 of it.  Never let a week pass with no closed deal or having an average of less than 1 in every 10 clients otherwise you will not be making enough money.

Seasoned and experienced timeshare representatives are encouraged to take the challenge that Mexico’s timeshare industry dares to offer.  This door of opportunity suits them better, as they don’t need to spend additional hours, days or week for training and development.  They are expected to be at the forefront and deliver sales within just a few days of arriving.  However, it’s given that they had worked hard to reach where they are now, and you as a starter can also do it.  If you think you have what it takes to be the next big thing in Mexico’s timeshare industry, send in your application…a great future awaits.

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