Balancing Fun, Responsibilities, and Work in Mexico

So, you are moving from your old life and home to a new place, a new scene, and a new career. Living and working by the sea in Mexico is a dream for many, but the reality can be quite daunting if you’re doing it alone or starting from scratch. That’s why we’ve put together the best advice we have to get you settled into your new home and career with ease.

Here’s how you balance responsibility, fun, and me time when living in Mexico.

A Balanced Diet

a balanced diet

A good diet is, of course, important no matter where you are, but when you work in a high-stress, fast-paced environment it is doubly key. Make sure that you have a set routine for meals, and that you’re eating food which will help you to sustain good levels of energy throughout the day. Complex carbohydrates, fibre, and non-refined sugars are the order of the day, along with protein in moderation, to make sure that you’re going to be able to go the distance. Taking good care of yourself is an important part of your job when you work in sales, and promotional work, but it will also ensure that you’re in good shape to enjoy your downtime.

Plan time to relax

Plan time to relax

This is about so much more than just turning up to work and social arrangements on time; the importance of good time management to your health and success cannot be over-emphasised. It’s key that you plan your days and weeks to allow for relaxation, fun, and even for just doing nothing. It’s easy to fall into the mentality of believing that when you work in sales you must work every hour God sends in order to get ahead. All that this does is burn you out and make you less productive, less motivated, and, often, direly unhappy.

When working in a commission based role you have to be up-beat, on the ball, and friendly at all times. Therefore, it is key that you are well-rested and motivated. Sometimes it can be much better to work fewer or shorter days as it makes you more efficient when you are working. If you’re in a good mood then you will come across much better when dealing with clients, and they’ll be more likely to believe in the things you say about the resorts.

Be clear when “no” means “no”

be clear no means no

When you have those new work friends it’s always a good idea to sample the nightlife. Places like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo san Lucas, and Cancun are huge party destinations and so it’s key that you know where the hotspots are (so you can recommend them to clients). Too much of a good thing can be harmful, though, so try to say no now and then. Working seven days a week will make you ill, but drinking five days a week might kill you; you must be professional at all times when working, too, so it pays to never be hungover at work.

Do the touristy things

When you work with companies like the Villa Group a big, albeit informal, part of your job is selling the city surrounding your resort as well as the units themselves. This is why it’s so key that you have downtime; see the sights, do the touristy stuff, drink in the bars so that you know what the best places to go are. Plus doing this will help you to settle in, familiarise yourself with your new home, and even make some new friends.

These are the basics of a happy, healthy and successful start to your long, and hopefully prestigious, career in Mexico. Keep these basics in mind and we reckon you’ll feel right at home in absolutely no time at all.

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