Intent on Finding a Job in Cancun?

Everyone knows that Cancun, Mexico is one of the most sought after places in the world when it comes to a vacation, but did you know that it is equally as desirable for starting a promising career.  If you dream of yourself working successfully in the comforts of a stunning beach location, then Cancun is the place for you.  Never lose confidence if you don’t know how to speak Spanish, with dedication and the right attitude, you’ll eventually bring home the bacon and enjoy the perks of your dream job.

Finding a job in Cancun – The job hunting scene in Cancun and Riviera Maya

English speakers are welcome to the many job openings that Cancun has every year.  This city’s major economic activity is foreign tourism, and having the proficiency with the English language is like being armed with an automatic rifle against foes with smaller pistols.  Fluency and the ability to express yourself well in English is the initial qualification of most timeshare companies in Cancun.  You won’t find it hard looking for a decent job, except perhaps during the low season of September.  If ever you arrive in Cancun during that month, take the opportunity to warm your feet on Cancun’s stunning beaches, and spend some time finding good, cheap, accommodation.  After this low season has passed, you can expect to have a job and a lot of grinding and pounding in a highly challenging, yet financially rewarding career.

Club Caribe has great opportunities for a fab job in Cancun

The sales positions offered by Club Caribe have been attracting more and more people who are interested in making good money and retiring early. A stable career, unlimited earning potential and the opportunity of working in the finest beach settings are just some of the perks when you’re associated with this prestigious company.  Club Caribe will take care of you, but you must also do your part by being committed, responsible, honest and passionate in your job.

Know your talents and skills

First and foremost, you must know yourself and all the things you are capable of doing.  Identify the amazing skills that you can bring to the table that will benefit you financially and will help towards your growth and development.  Being happy with what you do can be the strong foundation of a long and fruitful career.

If the dream of finding a great job in Cancun keeps you awake at night, check out the rest of this website and contact us today for an interview.

What Happens After College? Getting a Job

Are you wondering what to do after college? Is the thought of getting a job making you sick to the stomach. Take a look at these top tips below for getting a job after college.

Get A LinkedIn Account

Broadcasts your talents to the world in a formal way by establishing a LinkedIn account as soon as possible. It’s a great way of marketing yourself to potential employers or corporations looking for someone that will fill in a job vacancy.  It’s an opportunity to showcase whatever abilities, talents, skills, awards and certificates you have, which will strengthen your reputation and boost your chances of being hired.  You can put in there the names of your past employers, and if there’s not too much of it, at least some odd jobs you had.  It can be working in a restaurant, babysitting, dishwashing or anything you had your hands on and was paid for doing so.  A well-presented and informative LinkedIn profile can surely do wonders in making a good start in the corporate world.

Web Presence

The internet is very useful for marketing purposes, and creating a domain and a website today has never been easier nor more affordable.  You can blog or write articles about specific things you enjoy, whether they are professional matters or purely personal passion.  You can share your thoughts regarding the latest news, the hottest artists on the market or your favorite hobbies.  This is one way of letting the world know who you are and the things you enjoy doing.

Consider Being An Intern

Have a feel how it is to act and work in  a real corporate setting by applying for an internship.  Age is not an issue here as there are many companies looking for interns to train, with a likely purpose of hiring for those outstanding ones.  As a college student, you gain advantage because at your age, you possess all the zeal, interest and strength to become truly successful.

Look For a Professional Mentor and Advisor

There are many professionals out there with extensive experience in the field you are considering, and their advice (and contacts) is priceless.  Do some researching in your quest to get a professional mentor.  Who knows their shared knowledge can play a crucial role in your success of landing your first job.

College Professional Groups

When you’re in college and in the last year of your education, you must think in joining a college professional group, whose goal and purpose are in line with your own career choice.  If you’re taking accounting, there may be a bookkeeper group that teaches its members the basics and advanced ways of effective bookkeeping.  A tech group is ideal for those taking computed related courses.  These professional groups are helpful resources that every college student must contemplate in joining, and they can be the key that might open a wide range of opportunities.


Sales Opportunities in Cancun

  • Would you like to work in sales or promotional work in Mexico?
  • Are you attracted to the idea of living and working in Cancun, one of Mexico’s top beach destinations?
  • Are you ready for a change of scenery, pace and lifestyle?
  • Do you love selling great products and making people feel welcome?
  • Do you dream of a job that allows you to earn a great salary and commissions in a place where living costs are lower than back home?

Yes? Then Club Caribe has an opportunity with your name on it.  Come and join us promoting the Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach resort & Spa and earn great money to boot.


Club Caribe are in the process of hiring new talent to work in Cancun. You will join a team of professional sales reps in a variety of locations throughout Cancun, with the potential for promotion and increased commissions as you progress. As you will be promoting one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Cancun, you job won’t be so hard and your earning potential is high. No need for spin, lies or exaggeration, the product is genuine and quality. Your job is to make people feel so welcome in Cancun, that they simply must come and visit Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Does that sound like something that appeals? Can you see yourself living a life of luxury in Cancun, Mexico? Call the number on this website for an interview and you could be heading out to Cancun in no time. Tell us all about you and your skills: what is your background, your aspirations and goals? A job as a Club Caribe promoter does not require any previous experience; you will receive all the necessary training you will need to make great money and enjoy your new job in Cancun.

Are you ready to join Club Caribe?

Top Advice for Job Seekers


One of the worst times in your life is when you are looking for a job. Being a job seeker is not very fun or pleasant, unless you are asking your boss for a promotion. When you are unemployed you have less confidence, and you worry about what you need to receive out of the job you are applying for rather than seeing it as an opportunity for something greater. If you are a job seeker, and you want to land your dream job, or you just want to get that promotion, then here you will find some top advice for job seekers:

  1. Explore your Talents

explore -your-talents

The first thing, and one of the most important things, as a job seeker is to know yourself. This is not be a philosophy course, but anyone seeking to find a job should know themselves completely, identifying your talents and what makes you tick. The top advice for job seekers is to ask yourself what you excel at, what you like to do, and why you are the most qualified person for the job. You have to remember that the job that you get, you should enjoy doing, and not hate, because a job takes up a majority of your time. Use your natural talents and you will be admired when you are interviewed.

  1. Be Ambitious

Be Ambitious

Aim high and reach for the stars, don’t lower your expectations when you are job seeking, even though it may seem safer to get a job. Even if you feel you are not fully qualified for the job you are seeking, the best advice is to apply anyway. You should never limit yourself to just one position. Who knows, you could still get the job, just because you are the person you are. If you are interviewed, they may not give you the job you are wanting, but may offer you another position within the company. That is the first step in getting the job of your dreams. You have to start somewhere.

  1. Be open

Be open

Another piece of advice is to always keep an open mind when you are searching for a job, even if the job is not what you really want. It may just be a stepping stone to a better job. Always apply for every job that you have some knowledge of, because if you fail to do this, then the companies will not know about you. Remember tip number two, get that interview, then you can show the employer what skills you really have.

  1. You WILL find a job

You WILL find a job

The most important advice for job seekers that you should heed (and this goes for all aspects of life) is never give up. Keep searching and keep knocking on all doors. Let everyone know that you are looking for a job and what talents you have to offer. Use social media to your advantage, it can help you. LinkedIn and Twitter are great social media outlets. They can help you connect to a job that you are interested in. Send out application with your social media attached. You never know who is reading your social media pages, and they may contact you for a job.

Tips for your Cancun Job Interview by Phone


If you have found yourself here on the Club Caribe recruitment page looking for a Cancun job, and are interested in taking up sales or promotional work, then you should consider applying to be a promoter for Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare with Club Caribe. There are a huge number of excellent opportunities within the company where you can make good money, too! The right person can start a lifelong career in Cancun with a simply job interview by phone. Why not call today!

Tips for your Cancun job interview by phone


The first thing you should do is make sure that you have filled out all of the stipulated fields in the “Apply now” description found on the Club Caribe recruitment website. You will then be contacted, assuming your application is successful, for a phone interview. You should take the time to prepare yourself for the interview; after all, you want to have the very best chance at getting the job, right? Write a list to ensure that you are clear about your skills, qualifications and positive qualities to share with the interviewer.

Cancun job interviews in English

Cancun job interviews in English

The Cancun job interview will be held in English, so prepare yourself if English is not your first language; you could practice with a friend, or family member, for a few minutes a day. Remember to speak slowly, consider what you are going to say, and don’t panic! It is much better to take a little more time to say something right, than to rush and become confused.

Do you have any relevant work experience?

Do you have any relevant work experience?

Ensure you have a list of any relevant work experience you have completed in the past. This may include work in customer service, hospitality, and in sales. Be sure to have a couple of examples of when you provided excellent service or where you have had to use diplomacy skills. If you have no experience then provide a list of examples that illustrate your people skills, powers of persuasion, and patience.

Be confident in your job interview by phone

Be confident in yourself and your skills; if you believe that you can do the job well, it will shine through in your interview. Experience is all fine and well, but what is really needed is the correct personality and attitude. Let your personality show through for a Cancun job at Club Caribe.

Before applying, make sure that you know a little about the company, and about Cancun, so that you are sure this is a place you would like to live in. If your interview is successful then you will be expected to relocated to Cancun and so you may be asked about why you are attracted to life in Mexico.

Remember to be yourself! Let your talents and experiences speak for themselves.

Good luck!

Working in Timeshare in Mexico


If you are looking for a great job and you love challenges, there are some great employment opportunities with great money earning potential in some of the best locations in Mexico – Have you thought about working in timeshare? Club Caribe at Villa del Palmar Cancun is now recruiting people for positions working in timeshare in Mexico. Wonderful opportunities await when choosing to work for a reputable timeshare company such as Club Caribe, and you can start a new life and make great money.

Wonderful Jobs Await in Mexico


If you choose to take a job in Mexico working in timeshare, then you can expect to earn an unlimited income. Of course, working for someone else may not be your dream job, but working in timeshare is just like working for yourself, because the income in unlimited. Club Caribe vacation club based in Cancun is looking for promoters who will work on commission, with some positions offering a base salary, depending on the locations where you will be working in timeshare in Cancun. The great things about working for Club Caribe is that you won’t have a problem selling our superb products to clients. The timeshare properties are beautiful  affordable, and great value for money at one of the best 5 star resorts in Cancun. So you will have a wide variety of clients.

Another benefit of working in timeshare in Mexico is that, not only is your earning potential great, the cost of living is extremely low too, so you won’t be spending all your income on living expenses. The cost is so much lower than you would expect. This is great, because your money will go farther and you will be able to live a life of luxury in Mexico.

There is a barrier that foreigners seem to face when looking for a job in Mexico and that is the language. One good thing to know is if you decide on a career working in timeshare in Mexico you don’t need to know much Spanish at first. Excellent English vital when you first start your timeshare job in Mexico, because you will notice that many of your clients are from the United States and Canada. Spanish is a great plus and will help your social life, but is not essential to make money working in timeshare in Mexico.

Potential for Promotion and Transfers

Potential for Promotion and Transfers

If you decide to join Club Caribe as a timeshare representative, then you get to live and work in Cancun. However, Club Caribe is part of Tafer Hotels & Resorts, which is also a major partner in Villa Group Resorts, offering you the job security that you need to change countries and the potential for promotion and movement within Mexico. Tafer Hotels & Resorts offers timeshare opportunities in Puerto Vallarta, and soon to be launched, Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Maya.

There is no better job in Mexico than working in timeshare. If you are ready to start a career that will change your life and have the best of two worlds, then contact our human resources department today!

Your Dream Career in Mexico


If you are looking to find your dream career in beautiful Mexico, then you are in the right location. The perfect career for ambitious individuals can be had by joining the Club Caribe promotional team in Cancun, Mexico. So, what’s keeping you?  Head down to get your dream career in Mexico; we are waiting for your arrival!

Your Dream Career in Mexico


  • Are you searching for a challenge?
  • Do you want to be in control of what kind of money you make?
  • Is being satisfied with your job important to you?
  • Do you want to live in the tropical paradise?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, then you are a candidate to having a dream job in Mexico, and that can happen very soon!

Club Caribe is always looking for experienced and talented individuals as the company continues to expand our sales and promotional teams. The one thing you must possess is outstanding English, and if you speak Spanish, then that is a bonus, but not required. Are you ready to live your life in tropical paradise, and you have the qualities that Club Caribe is looking for?

If you get a job with Club Caribe in Mexico, then you will be living at one of the best and most sought out beach locations in Mexico. Cancun is a haven for many tourists, so just imagine living there full time and earning good money to enjoy all that the fabulous city has to offer!

Cancun Could be your new home in the sun

Cancun Could be your new home in the sun

Cancun to most people needs no introduction as it is also referred to as the Mexican Caribbean. Cancun offers beautiful and amazing beaches, then you also can see the Mayan ruins, and the natural nature is another benefit. Cancun provides nightlife, luxury, and sophistication. It’s like Mexico’s own Miami.

If you think you are that special person that has drive, ambition, and seeking a dream career in Mexico, then contact human resources today, and we can begin to start the process of interviewing you.

The Worst Jobs at the Beach in Mexico


It is true that, for many, unemployment is the worst job status of all time; and while you might dream of getting one of those prized jobs at the beach, not all of the employment opportunities are as glamorous as you might think. The reality is that there are some jobs that are extremely stressful and unpleasant, even if you are doing them in one of the best beach destinations in the world. It does not matter where you live in the world, the worst jobs are the worst jobs, period!

Let’s take a look at the worst jobs at the beach in Mexico:

Garbage Collector

Garbage Collector


Although It is not likely that you will be drawn to this profession when seeking jobs at the beach in Mexico, being a garbage collector in a beach destination is perhaps the worst. Collecting other people’s garbage is easily one of the worst jobs anywhere in the world, but in warm beach destinations in Mexico, it is especially horrible because of how hot and sticky it gets there. This makes the trash smell extremely bad fast. Give praise to the local garbage collectors who have to work in this heat and endure harsh conditions for being so tough.

Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teacher

Teaching English as a foreign language is often one of the first things you think about when looking for jobs at the beach in Mexico as a foreigner. However, beware substitute teacher jobs.

It is a difficult role to fill no matter where you are – you have the responsibility of any teacher, but you do not get the same type of respect from students. This is in large part due to how they realize you’ll only be there for a short while. A cover teacher has to be dedicated and have a thick skin.

Beach Sellers

beach sellers

Though the income is not all that bad, you’ll surely have a hard time as you walk along the beaches tempting people with your wares. If you would like to try this out on the beach in Mexico, make sure that you acquire the right type of license so that you will not get into any trouble.

Cleaning the Bathrooms

Cleaning the Bathrooms

While someone has to do the work, cleaning public bathrooms is not enjoyable by any measure. Many of the beaches in Mexico’s top tourist destinations will have public washrooms, but the tourists and locals alike mostly take it for granted that someone is doing this job. One of the worst jobs at the beach in Mexico for sure.

Windscreen Washer

Windscreen Washer

This job at the beach in Mexico is inconsistent and not all that secure. Pay is not great for the position. Also, the worker is exposed to the elements for most of the day when doing this work.

How to avoid the worst jobs at the beach in Mexico

You do not have to fall in with one of these worst jobs at the beach in Mexico. On the contrary, you may be a great candidate to receive your dream job with Club Caribe making great money in the best environments on the beach in Mexico. Fill out the form on the contact page to find out if you might have what it takes to land a truly amazing job in Cancun.


Balancing Fun, Responsibilities, and Work in Mexico

So, you are moving from your old life and home to a new place, a new scene, and a new career. Living and working by the sea in Mexico is a dream for many, but the reality can be quite daunting if you’re doing it alone or starting from scratch. That’s why we’ve put together the best advice we have to get you settled into your new home and career with ease.

Here’s how you balance responsibility, fun, and me time when living in Mexico.

A Balanced Diet

a balanced diet

A good diet is, of course, important no matter where you are, but when you work in a high-stress, fast-paced environment it is doubly key. Make sure that you have a set routine for meals, and that you’re eating food which will help you to sustain good levels of energy throughout the day. Complex carbohydrates, fibre, and non-refined sugars are the order of the day, along with protein in moderation, to make sure that you’re going to be able to go the distance. Taking good care of yourself is an important part of your job when you work in sales, and promotional work, but it will also ensure that you’re in good shape to enjoy your downtime.

Plan time to relax

Plan time to relax

This is about so much more than just turning up to work and social arrangements on time; the importance of good time management to your health and success cannot be over-emphasised. It’s key that you plan your days and weeks to allow for relaxation, fun, and even for just doing nothing. It’s easy to fall into the mentality of believing that when you work in sales you must work every hour God sends in order to get ahead. All that this does is burn you out and make you less productive, less motivated, and, often, direly unhappy.

When working in a commission based role you have to be up-beat, on the ball, and friendly at all times. Therefore, it is key that you are well-rested and motivated. Sometimes it can be much better to work fewer or shorter days as it makes you more efficient when you are working. If you’re in a good mood then you will come across much better when dealing with clients, and they’ll be more likely to believe in the things you say about the resorts.

Be clear when “no” means “no”

be clear no means no

When you have those new work friends it’s always a good idea to sample the nightlife. Places like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo san Lucas, and Cancun are huge party destinations and so it’s key that you know where the hotspots are (so you can recommend them to clients). Too much of a good thing can be harmful, though, so try to say no now and then. Working seven days a week will make you ill, but drinking five days a week might kill you; you must be professional at all times when working, too, so it pays to never be hungover at work.

Do the touristy things

When you work with companies like the Villa Group a big, albeit informal, part of your job is selling the city surrounding your resort as well as the units themselves. This is why it’s so key that you have downtime; see the sights, do the touristy stuff, drink in the bars so that you know what the best places to go are. Plus doing this will help you to settle in, familiarise yourself with your new home, and even make some new friends.

These are the basics of a happy, healthy and successful start to your long, and hopefully prestigious, career in Mexico. Keep these basics in mind and we reckon you’ll feel right at home in absolutely no time at all.

Tips for Getting Ahead in Sales


Would you like to know how to be the best salesperson on your team and how to up your game? You can do that with the tips for getting ahead in sales provided below. Make sure you pay attention to number three, because it may really surprise you. Be the best salesperson you can be with these helpful tips.

  1. Be the Opposite of PushyBe the Opposite of Pushy

If you are smooth and have the right finesse, then you can actually have your customers sell directly to themselves. That’s right! Ask the correct questions, then add casual conversation, then facts about the services or products, then you will see that your customers will be convinced that they can’t live without the services or products  you are selling.

  1. Play Copycat (Subtly)Play Copycat (Subtly)

Every person uses their own words to describe something. You might say something is “great”, but your customer may use another word to describe it. They could use the word “fantastic”, “amazing”, or “wonderful”. You need to first and foremost identify the lingo of your customer, then use the same kinds of words in return for what you are selling. This is the copycat approach, and also try to mimic their body language and movements, so your customer feels at ease and very comfortable.

  1. Get Them to Say “No!”

It is also a rule when it comes to selling to get your customer to say “yes”, but if you are a skilled salesperson, then try getting them to say no right off the bat. Why, you are probably asking yourself? When a customer starts off by saying yes repeatedly, then this magical word become redundant. If your customer says “no” at first to carefully crafted questions, then later the customer will be more inclined to say yes. You can still get your client to agree with you, just format the question so they are agreeing with your with a “no.” For example: “You don’t want to have mediocre vacations, do you?” “Do you want want you family to miss out on the best memories?” Once they get bored of saying no and have a great reason to say yes, the psychological difference between a no and a yes will make them feel as though they have no doubts. Some of the most successful real estate agents use this approach. They will show their client a property that isn’t so appealing at first, then when they show them a nice property it looks much more appealing. After so much “no” we are inclined to say “yes!”

  1. Greet Each Day as a New Potential

Greet Each Day as a New Potential

Everyday is a new day and a new potential where you can land a fantastic sale, so start each day as if you already made that sale! Don’t look back on yesterday if it was a bad day, but yet focus on the present moment of your life right now.

  1. Use Emotions

Use Emotions

To make quick and big sales, then use emotions with your customers. Of course, giving your customer the facts is wonderful, but you should remember that all customers want to feel like they just bought something that will make their life easier. You can show them that their life will be easier with the product you are selling by having them imagining how great it would be to have your product.

  1. Ditch “So-So” Prospects

Ditch “So-So” Prospects

Every salesperson knows that being in sales is absolutely a game of numbers, so you will need to know if the customer is a star customer of if the customer is a dud and won’t purchase anything. A smart and knowledgeable salesperson can understand that their commission is 80%, which will be from 20% of their customers, so you should make sure you customer feels like they are walking the red carpet, then retract any focus on if that customer is acting different.