Check Out this Incredible Resume

The job market has become more competitive than it ever was, and it is difficult to stand out and be noticed with your applications, because of other applicants that may be even more qualified than you are for the job that you are applying for. It has become common to hear of job seekers who have been looking for a job for many months and years, so if you are currently looking for a job, then you need to start to become creative.

Check Out this Incredible Resume

Sumukh Mehta was an applicant that took his job searching to a new level. He decided to create an incredible resume, so he could land his dream job with the British publication of GQ Magazine. Sumukh Mehta had spent quite a bit of time searching for a job and he had no success until a great thought came to him. He thought about it, then he turned his application into a GQ Magazine personal issue, which he said, “Took me three weeks to make the whole resume which included graphic design, a photo shoot, and the content. I got the whole resume printed exactly like the original British GQ”.

Unique Resumes

This long and intensive job searching process prompted Mehta to create his unique application that went above and beyond any ordinary application, and all his hard work was definitely worth it, because he got an email from the GQ editor-in-chief. The editor-in-chief let Mehta know that he was highly impressed and offered Mehta a paid internship of six months, and of course Mehta accepted the position. Sumukh Mehta said that he was inspired to produce his resume after “Running a website for the past year where I help graduates and working employees convert their normal resumes into infographic resumes.”

Get noticed

Even though Mehta’s technique may seem a bit over-the-top for many jobs and industries, there is something to be said for his all-in attitude and persistence, which is needed for any type of job that you are applying for. Mehta knew that he wanted to be noticed and his resume had to stand out, and this is the tool for every job applicant should do with their own personal job search. Mehta said, “I started thinking that if I send a normal resume, it’ll end up in the bin. So, I thought of portraying myself as a model on the cover and making a magazine which showcases my resume in a creative way.”

Tailor your resume

Although, creating a personal issue resume with your favorite magazine in mind may not be ideal for you, but you should first think about the company that you are applying with, then create a unique application to draw attention to your application and resume, so it can stand out. You may end up getting the position. Mehta said, “Since the day the resume went viral, my messages are flooded with people from all over the world appreciating my creativity. Now, everybody wants an infographic resume!”

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