What Happens After College? Getting a Job

Are you wondering what to do after college? Is the thought of getting a job making you sick to the stomach. Take a look at these top tips below for getting a job after college.

Get A LinkedIn Account

Broadcasts your talents to the world in a formal way by establishing a LinkedIn account as soon as possible. It’s a great way of marketing yourself to potential employers or corporations looking for someone that will fill in a job vacancy.  It’s an opportunity to showcase whatever abilities, talents, skills, awards and certificates you have, which will strengthen your reputation and boost your chances of being hired.  You can put in there the names of your past employers, and if there’s not too much of it, at least some odd jobs you had.  It can be working in a restaurant, babysitting, dishwashing or anything you had your hands on and was paid for doing so.  A well-presented and informative LinkedIn profile can surely do wonders in making a good start in the corporate world.

Web Presence

The internet is very useful for marketing purposes, and creating a domain and a website today has never been easier nor more affordable.  You can blog or write articles about specific things you enjoy, whether they are professional matters or purely personal passion.  You can share your thoughts regarding the latest news, the hottest artists on the market or your favorite hobbies.  This is one way of letting the world know who you are and the things you enjoy doing.

Consider Being An Intern

Have a feel how it is to act and work in  a real corporate setting by applying for an internship.  Age is not an issue here as there are many companies looking for interns to train, with a likely purpose of hiring for those outstanding ones.  As a college student, you gain advantage because at your age, you possess all the zeal, interest and strength to become truly successful.

Look For a Professional Mentor and Advisor

There are many professionals out there with extensive experience in the field you are considering, and their advice (and contacts) is priceless.  Do some researching in your quest to get a professional mentor.  Who knows their shared knowledge can play a crucial role in your success of landing your first job.

College Professional Groups

When you’re in college and in the last year of your education, you must think in joining a college professional group, whose goal and purpose are in line with your own career choice.  If you’re taking accounting, there may be a bookkeeper group that teaches its members the basics and advanced ways of effective bookkeeping.  A tech group is ideal for those taking computed related courses.  These professional groups are helpful resources that every college student must contemplate in joining, and they can be the key that might open a wide range of opportunities.