Tips for Getting Ahead in Sales


Would you like to know how to be the best salesperson on your team and how to up your game? You can do that with the tips for getting ahead in sales provided below. Make sure you pay attention to number three, because it may really surprise you. Be the best salesperson you can be with these helpful tips.

  1. Be the Opposite of PushyBe the Opposite of Pushy

If you are smooth and have the right finesse, then you can actually have your customers sell directly to themselves. That’s right! Ask the correct questions, then add casual conversation, then facts about the services or products, then you will see that your customers will be convinced that they can’t live without the services or products  you are selling.

  1. Play Copycat (Subtly)Play Copycat (Subtly)

Every person uses their own words to describe something. You might say something is “great”, but your customer may use another word to describe it. They could use the word “fantastic”, “amazing”, or “wonderful”. You need to first and foremost identify the lingo of your customer, then use the same kinds of words in return for what you are selling. This is the copycat approach, and also try to mimic their body language and movements, so your customer feels at ease and very comfortable.

  1. Get Them to Say “No!”

It is also a rule when it comes to selling to get your customer to say “yes”, but if you are a skilled salesperson, then try getting them to say no right off the bat. Why, you are probably asking yourself? When a customer starts off by saying yes repeatedly, then this magical word become redundant. If your customer says “no” at first to carefully crafted questions, then later the customer will be more inclined to say yes. You can still get your client to agree with you, just format the question so they are agreeing with your with a “no.” For example: “You don’t want to have mediocre vacations, do you?” “Do you want want you family to miss out on the best memories?” Once they get bored of saying no and have a great reason to say yes, the psychological difference between a no and a yes will make them feel as though they have no doubts. Some of the most successful real estate agents use this approach. They will show their client a property that isn’t so appealing at first, then when they show them a nice property it looks much more appealing. After so much “no” we are inclined to say “yes!”

  1. Greet Each Day as a New Potential

Greet Each Day as a New Potential

Everyday is a new day and a new potential where you can land a fantastic sale, so start each day as if you already made that sale! Don’t look back on yesterday if it was a bad day, but yet focus on the present moment of your life right now.

  1. Use Emotions

Use Emotions

To make quick and big sales, then use emotions with your customers. Of course, giving your customer the facts is wonderful, but you should remember that all customers want to feel like they just bought something that will make their life easier. You can show them that their life will be easier with the product you are selling by having them imagining how great it would be to have your product.

  1. Ditch “So-So” Prospects

Ditch “So-So” Prospects

Every salesperson knows that being in sales is absolutely a game of numbers, so you will need to know if the customer is a star customer of if the customer is a dud and won’t purchase anything. A smart and knowledgeable salesperson can understand that their commission is 80%, which will be from 20% of their customers, so you should make sure you customer feels like they are walking the red carpet, then retract any focus on if that customer is acting different.

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