Tips for your Cancun Job Interview by Phone


If you have found yourself here on the Club Caribe recruitment page looking for a Cancun job, and are interested in taking up sales or promotional work, then you should consider applying to be a promoter for Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare with Club Caribe. There are a huge number of excellent opportunities within the company where you can make good money, too! The right person can start a lifelong career in Cancun with a simply job interview by phone. Why not call today!

Tips for your Cancun job interview by phone


The first thing you should do is make sure that you have filled out all of the stipulated fields in the “Apply now” description found on the Club Caribe recruitment website. You will then be contacted, assuming your application is successful, for a phone interview. You should take the time to prepare yourself for the interview; after all, you want to have the very best chance at getting the job, right? Write a list to ensure that you are clear about your skills, qualifications and positive qualities to share with the interviewer.

Cancun job interviews in English

Cancun job interviews in English

The Cancun job interview will be held in English, so prepare yourself if English is not your first language; you could practice with a friend, or family member, for a few minutes a day. Remember to speak slowly, consider what you are going to say, and don’t panic! It is much better to take a little more time to say something right, than to rush and become confused.

Do you have any relevant work experience?

Do you have any relevant work experience?

Ensure you have a list of any relevant work experience you have completed in the past. This may include work in customer service, hospitality, and in sales. Be sure to have a couple of examples of when you provided excellent service or where you have had to use diplomacy skills. If you have no experience then provide a list of examples that illustrate your people skills, powers of persuasion, and patience.

Be confident in your job interview by phone

Be confident in yourself and your skills; if you believe that you can do the job well, it will shine through in your interview. Experience is all fine and well, but what is really needed is the correct personality and attitude. Let your personality show through for a Cancun job at Club Caribe.

Before applying, make sure that you know a little about the company, and about Cancun, so that you are sure this is a place you would like to live in. If your interview is successful then you will be expected to relocated to Cancun and so you may be asked about why you are attracted to life in Mexico.

Remember to be yourself! Let your talents and experiences speak for themselves.

Good luck!