Job Vacancies

Position: Promoter / OPC (Outside Public Contact)
Thousands of tourists from around the globe visit Cancun and Riviera Maya each year looking for fun and excitement as well as rest and relaxation. Your role as Promoter means you will be their first interaction and contact with Club Caribe and Villa del Palmar Cancun. Therefore, your priority is to make as many visitors to Cancun as possible feel welcome, establishing trust before asking them if they would be interested in going on a Club Caribe tour of Villa del Palmar Cancun Resort & Spa.

One of the best jobs in Cancun, Club Caribe Promoters are Cancun tourists’ first point of contact with the Club Caribe vacation club, and as such, you will have important responsibilities to uphold, which include creating a positive impression of the vacation club’s service philosophy (friendly and trustworthy), promoting the resort’s amenities, location and units, and advising visitors on the kinds of activities and excursions they can enjoy in Cancun, Mexico.


The responsibilities of a Club Caribe Promoter include inviting Cancun tourists to visit Villa del Palmar Cancun Beach Resort & Spa and its incredible selection of units on a special tour, and promoting the benefits of vacation ownership there. You will inform visitors to Cancun of the privileges they can enjoy by become a vacation club member at the 5 Star resort, which includes a flexible points based membership program for a set number of days a year for a certain period of years.


Your day will be spent located in strategic locations in Cancun and Riviera Maya, where you will be expected to greet and approach passing tourists in a gentle, friendly way, offering them advice about things to do in Cancun or making sure they have everything they need. Once you have established a positive rapport, after talking to them casually, you will then invite them to visit Villa del Palmar Cancun Beach Resort & Spa. To encourage your clients to take the tour, you can give them discount coupons for different tours here in Cancun along with other fun activities. You can also give them vouchers to go to dinner at our finest restaurants in the city. Doesn’t that sound like one of the best jobs in Cancun?


At present, there are a number of different areas around Cancun and Riviera Maya where you may find yourself stationed in your new career in Cancun, including Cancun’s International Airport. You might also be located at one of a number of amazing locations such as art galleries, boutiques, diners and restaurants.


Our mission is to provide families, couples and groups of friends with memorable and exciting vacations. We seek to lead visitors to Cancun towards extraordinary experiences and the best vacations that they can enjoy now and for years to come. Joining us as a new member of our team is more than just finding a job in Cancun, it is launching a career with a company whose goals are always focused on excellence in all its manifestations.

* Target driven
* Passion for sales
* Good interpersonal skills
* Bilingual (English essential)
* Friendly and polite demeanor
* Ambitious and self-motivated
* Positive attitude and pleasant disposition